Rain Removal Systems

There are two important things you need to know about selecting the right gutters and down spouts for your home.

First you need a proven system engineered to deliver long lasting protection against the elements. Then you need to make sure that system works just as hard during the sunniest of days to enhance your exterior design.

Alcoa’s patented rain removal systems are engineered to:

• Ensure efficient handling of precipitation with adequate drainage.

• Effectively direct water away from a home’s foundation

• Reduce the chance for leak basements, eroding foundations, driveways, walkways or landscaping.

• Support heavy ice and snow loads

• Expand and contract with the temperature


Whether or not the weather turns rainy, be ready for your home to look its best with the strong beautiful, patented rain removal systems from Alcoa. They wrap seamlessly around your home, while they vibrantly wrap up your complete exterior design look.

And Alcoa’s unique DreamColor™ system allows you to choose high style and colorful impact with the largest color selection in the industry, including over 700 baseline colors.