A Century of Innovation

America grows up with Alcoa
America is a country of dreamers... from the earliest settlers who risked everything for a better life in the New World to millions of immigrants pursuing the legendary American Dream of happiness and prosperity.

It was that same spirit of achievement and invention that spawned the vision of a young chemist named Charles Martin Hall, who, in 1866, invented a revolutionary process for producing aluminum economically. It was a discovery that would lead to the formation of the Aluminum Company of America in 1907.

Ever since the turn of the century -- from the earliest flights of the Wright Brothers’ plane to the lunar landing module in the ‘60’s to today’s space satellite -- aluminum has flown high as one of industry’s most indispensable building materials. And as a world producer of high-quality aluminum, the Alcoa name has become synonymous with innovation in everything from performance automobiles to the finest homes in America. Alcoa aluminum is even prominent in our country’s architectural history -- presenting structures like the Washington Monument, Empire State Building, and John Hancock Building.

But today, the name Alcoa has grown to mean much, much, more. Just as Alcoa pioneered the development of high-quality aluminum building products, so too has it emerged to become the nation's biggest and most trusted manufacturer of low-maintenance, exterior building products, Alcoa is now one of the world’s leading suppliers, manufacturing Classic Living Collection Vinyl Siding, Mastic Premium Siding, Performance Metals and Designer accessories.

Millions of homeowners living on America’s Main Streets rely on Alcoa for their most recent possession --their home. Truly, the American Dream and Alcoa... have grown up together.

Science and Technology the hallmark of Alcoa Quality

ISP... Setting The Standard
Rigorous. Relentless. Extreme. Three words that describe Alcoa’s comprehensive product development, testing, certification and quality control program, ISP (Integrated Standards of performance.) ISP is Alcoa’s unique and highly sophisticate set of standards and conformance specs combining such exacting codes as those of Metro Dade County, BOCA, ICBO, ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and a host of others. But as demanding as these standards are, Alcoa ISP standards are much higher still. Add internal tests that predict and scrutinize performance attributes such as tensile strength, rigidity, wind resistance, color fidelity and weather ability, and you can begin to understand what it takes to carry the Alcoa brand name.

What we’re made of....
The highest quality polymers, resins, additives and pigments are the critical beginning of any new vinyl product at Alcoa R&D facilities/ And that’s the only the beginning...

GELOY - Like Sunscreen For Your Home
Geloy, BE’s high-tech resin, is an important ingredient that helps maintain darker siding colors by providing superb resistance to the color breakdown naturally caused by exposure to the sun.

KYNAR 500 - Super Strong Laminate for your Siding
Kynar 500 a protective, multi-layer, weather-resistant coating around in our Grand Sierra vinyl siding, provides unmatched weather resistance and protection against delamination over time.

When it comes to Performance Metals, Alcoa starts with the highest quality aluminum, then adds a double coating of Alumalure 2000, an exclusive Protestant finish that holds color and resists corrosion.

Alcoa’s battery of tests, including corrosion baths and accelerated UV weathering, ensures that Alcoa metal retains its superior reputation as the premier product in the industry, possessing stellar tensile strength, durability and weathering characteristics.